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Operating across Adelaide and South Australia

We are qualified Arborists and Tree Surgeons as well as having Fully Insured Safety & Public Liability coverage for total peace of mind.

Emergency Tree Removal Adelaide

For TJA Tree Services, safety matters to us, and this is why we are also licensed for Specialist Tree Removals involving Power Lines and is equipped for Hazard Reduction using Safety Harness & Ropes on site if required also.

There’s no need to take any risks with dangerous overhanging branches or rotten and unstable large trees that could potentially risk the safety of your family or house and property. Don’t wait until the next big random storm hits or gale force wind gusts to try your luck with that dangerous tree or overhanging large branch that could potentially be avoided with TJA Tree maintenance, before it becomes an emergency incident.

Experts In Tree Removal In Adelaide

TJA Tree guarantees an easy and reputable tree maintenance service to the Adelaide and surrounding areas. Thinking about of removing your old tree? Or even trimming up what you have on your lawn? At TJA Tree Services, we take all the stress out to assure your needs are met.

We are a dedicated unit of qualified professionals offering one-stop solution for all the tree needs you or your company may have, we even offer maintenance deals to make certain your company needs are provided for. We will remove dead and overhanging branches.

TJA professionals are on call-out 24 hours per day and 365 days per year for emergency events.

What Is Tree Service ?

Tree service can be defined as total care for trees, which includes tree trimming, tree pruning, securing different branches of trees by diagnosing it's pest problems and different types of plant diseases as well. Tree Fertilization is also plays very important roll to save trees, which means if a tree is fertilized beyond it's necessity which leads towards tree intoxication or quick release of nitrogen will actually burn the root of the trees and it will be dead. At TJA we are well aware about the proportionate fertilization of trees and shrubs in different conditions to increase their resistance from diseases and control pest attack as well. Proper fertilization of trees can help to grow trees healthy and also protects from pest attacks as well.

At TJA we are qualified team of professionals and we have ongoing up gradation of techniques to survive as the best business, we need to be all-rounder and well equipped to offer services 24/7 in any part of Adelaide irrespective of anysituations. Our target is to serve our client with our services in any condition and any requirements round the clock any day..

Emergency Tree Services Adelaide:- At TJA Tree services we are always ready for the emergency situation which could be the reason for hazardous trees in the properties. Our Services includes tree trimming, most importantly tree removal and tree brunching throughout Adelaide. Our Expert professionals are well equipped and ready for any emergency situations and extreme working conditions, so when you need a professional and reliable tree service call for TJA TREE SERVICES ADELAIDE.

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and also well known for greeneries, the best part if 27-30% of Adelaide is occupied with trees and shrubs which indicate the necessity of tree services companies in Adelaide is pretty high..

Tree Pruning Adelaide

Trees which are on the verge of reaching its tallest height its very important that the twig and the branches of the tree face top towards the sun, which boost trees to grow-up healthily. As per the current research and development this have been observed that all trees cannot have the same condition to grow and for the same reason tree pruning is very important for trees which actually practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots, this actually helps the trees limbs are kept intact and helps trees stay upright.

Our Support and Stratigy

To Start a tree service business you need to look for people who are looking for hard working job. The initial education can be gained by working in a tree company for 2-3 years minimum so one may get an exact idea how to this business works and what the requirements and all types of efforts involved in the business. This nature of business involves different sub type list which makes this job pretty hard and time consuming. However to establish a business like us TJA, a business should always need to have a list of tree jobs and also better strategies to bid for tree jobs.

To bid a good tree job, we always pay attentions to our customers requirements, we always ask our clients that after cutting trees what would the next step after cutting the trees 1.wood mulch 2.doest the client wants to keep the wood or wants to sell it and this actually help the clients to understand our work quality and also reflects our seriousness towards the job. The major challange come in picture with two types of clients in this business, 1. Clients already have done tree services in the past 2. No idea at all, this will obviously help understand to pay attention to our client’s need and make sure to finalize the a better deal along with the job quotation which values time for both our clients and our business, it also important to take a look around the property to understand the job to indentify the number of dead trees, shrubs , stump grounding and the amount of work and enforcement involved in the project.

Adelaide’s Reliable Tree Care

As per the geographical situation of Adelaide, Tree services have been into higher demand. Thus performing such services for residential and commercial have always been challenging from any tree emergency services on time without any further damage caused on the property, on the other side of the service it also demands to keep trees drive out of infections and pests, all these tasks should be taken care buy an registered and well qualified on board company like us at TJA .

Why should people reach us, as it is very obvious to be a perfectionist service provider with all the availabilities of modernized upgraded equipments. As per our past 10 years experience we proven to be the most responsible business towards the task assigned by our clients be it any condition.

At TJA we have always been exploring the best technique to accomplish any work effortless with a smile. Equipments like Tree Climbing Gear for Arborists Job, double locking carabineers, rope clips, Tree climbing ropes, upgraded motorized tree climbing gears and many more upgraded equipments which makes the job very easy and efficient

Our motto is to reflect such difficult work very easy and can be done efficiently, which actually helps our clients to understand the work quality and also trust on us. We have never outsourced our work to any third party contractors, as a result we have a very big team to coordinate our ongoing projects and make it very easy for our clients to engage with us without any hesitation. Every projects of our is very important and we strategies our work very well before we start any project.


TJA Tree Services

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