Mulching and Chipping Service

Mulch is a layer of bark chips that cover an area of soil.
TJA Tree Services use our own Mulch, from Trees that we have removed.

Mulch is quite common and used for a number of different reasons:

  • Helps reduce the growth of weeds
  • Makes the appearance of the area stand out
  • Keeps moisture in the soil
  • Cheap and easy to lay
  • More resistant to pest and diseases
  • Reduces time spent watering
  • Regulated temperatures to keep roots consistently cool in the hot weather

TJA Trees Services can remove any branch or unwanted wood for our customers, using our Chipper Truck. We are able to remove the chippings from your property or if you like, our team can spread out the wood chippings throughout your garden or any place you desire.

We use untreated timber to make certain the soil stays regulated and no extra toxins are added to your lawn. It assists your garden and plants grow healthier and stay strong. It limits the amount of weeds that grow back and quite generally, no weeds grow back at all.


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