Stump Grinding

TJA Tree Services make sure the tree is removed correctly and efficiently, but sometimes the stump of the tree is left behind. If there are roots still left in the ground, which are unseen, this may cause infection to spread or termites to arise.

It is best to remove the remaining stump to cease any problems to your property or any landscaping that might need to be done. Our team is able to access the stump and take the best measure to provide stump removal services in Adelaide, without any complications or any mess.

We ensure that the stump is removed from the roots, so there is no chance that it can grow back or cause any damage. We do not use any chemicals to kill of the stump or remaining roots. Our equipment is fully insured and we are able to get the stump grinder into tight or restricting space.

Special Occasion

In most cases, if we cannot gain access to the stump, we will bring in other suitable equipment to get the job done.


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