Tree Removal

TJA Tree Services specialize in tree removal and chipper truck removal, especially if they become hazardous to you or your home. We specialize in the study of individual of trees, shrubs, vines and woody plants.

Tree removal may be required:

  • After storm damage or any other natural cause that may cause damage to the specified Tree or Plant in question.
  • Infection to the Tree
  • The Trees root system is overgrown and may cause a hazard to the piping or your homes/business foundation.
  • If the Tree is in the way of any new development that might be getting done.
Special Occasion


Significant trees are protected and more than likely require a report from an expert arborist before removal. If you are looking to get a tree removed which may be significant, we still come out to your property and access the specific tree and give you the correct information you need. The council will need to approve any removal of a significant tree.


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