Pruning Big Trees

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How to Prune a Large Tree :-

Pruning a large tree is very tough and people need expert like TJA Tree Services in Adelaide. Firstly we need have a through look at project and we must point out where we need to work on to prune a large tree. Firstly while cutting the extra extra brunches of tree we must make sure that we make several half-cuts on the different side of the trunk so it doesn’t tear down the brunch unnecessarily which might effect the tree and also looks unprofessional. So one under cut and over cut on the trunk makes the cute very easy, then we cut the branch collar from the tree.

Dead Branches :- We very often observe dead branches in the tree which looks very untidy on the tree and also effects the tree by growing insects on them. So we can use a pole saw to cut the dead branches on the tree.

Cross Branches :-This can be observed in many large trees that some branches of the trees are bending down towards the earth and makes the tree look a like dis balanced. This is actually because of the cross branches on the tree and this need to be cut down properly without any mistake. While climbing big trees it is possible stepping on dead branches and fall off.At TJA we have upgraded technologies to climb a tree with lesser risk and make the job super fast and prune the big trees branches properly without effecting the trees.

Cutting a tree from the top down :- This is a very dangerous job and time consuming, for such projects you must call professional tree service like us at TJA Tree Services. Big trees have the same problems like other similar trees which makes the trees unhealthy and the tree dies of it doesn’t get it branches trimmed properly

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