TJA: Stump Grinding

Tree Services Adelaide| Stump Grinding Adelaide

TJA Tree Service uses the self propelled stump grinder which is ideal for confined space work and makes the work user friendly with less time and effort. We use 44 horse power Kubota Engine, the machine is quipped with 14inch cutting disk and fully remote controlled.
To get rid of tree stump people have several way to get the job done by digging it out or burning the stump, however we have the best solutions and we are equipped with the latest machines which delivers quality work :-
1. We cut the stump and convert it in to wooc chips.
2. Make sure when the stump is fully removed the hole should be covered properly.
3. Spread the wood chips evenly on the area where the stump operation perpormed.
4. Spread soil on the area and also spread some grass seeds.
5. Finally water them and keep on monitoring.

This is our Quality work offered to all Adeladion customers at a very convenient cost effective rate with a very small span of time and effort.

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